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Welcome to our University of Regina Film And Video Production program overview page. Please take a moment to learn more about our Regina campus Film And Video Production program. Learn about: admissions requirements; curriculum; faculty; full-time, part-time, online learning options that might be available; finance options including scholarships for those who qualify; as well as jobs in your field of study, and their entry level salaries.

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The University of Regina: Media Arts / Animation / New Media Area of Study

Film and Video Production - Bachelor of Fine Arts

The four-year BFA program begins with an examination of the history, theory and analysis of motion pictures. Students are then introduced to the basics of film, video and new media production, including scriptwriting, directing, recording, editing, digital imaging and sound. Technical production courses are complemented by courses in media history and aesthetics. Areas such as Canadian, European, Third World and Hollywood cinema are discussed in the context of contemporary media culture.

Continuation in the BFA program is determined on the basis of portfolio, grade point average and an interview that takes place at the end of the first year of study. Students must have completed Film 100, Film 200 and Film 251 to be considered.

Graduates are prepared for careers as independent film, video and new media artists or as writers, directors, producers and industry workers. An internship program is in development to offer students apprenticeships at local media production companies. Students often find work before graduation. Nearly all move directly into production work when they graduate. Many have stayed in Saskatchewan and have participated in building the province's thriving media industry. Others are working independently as far afield as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

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