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Research all art school programs such as art & design, culinary, fashion, media arts by viewing local art school student online portfolios. Contact art schools to request program info kits, discuss admissions, or to hire art school students, grads.


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Potential Students

Help deciding on the art & design school and program that is right for you...
  • View thousands of art, design, fashion, media arts and culinary arts portfolios.
  • Ask students, and grads questions about how they decided on their schools and programs.
  • Find out what they needed to know before applying.
  • Ask them about their experiences during school, and in the workforce after graduation.
  • Request program info kits from the school programs that interest you.
  • Set appointments with the schools to discuss the steps to applying, and the educational finance options available to you.

Be the first to to interview students and recent grads of art, design, fashion, media arts, and culinary arts schools in your area...
  • View thousands of art, design, fashion, media arts and culinary arts portfolios, and their resumes.
  • Ask students, and grads questions about their interests, skills, and availability.
  • Post and manage your job postings to individuals, programs, or full student body.
  • Request feedback on the students, or grads that interest you directly from their school career services advisors.
  • Add your favourites to your My Picks to easily describe the type of student or grad you are looking for.
  • Be the first to be invited to employer events and to view the newest grad work at portfolio review shows.
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