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Welcome to our Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Patisserie Superieure program overview page. Please take a moment to learn more about our Ottawa campus Patisserie Superieure program. Learn about: admissions requirements; curriculum; faculty; full-time, part-time, online learning options that might be available; finance options including scholarships for those who qualify; as well as jobs in your field of study, and their entry level salaries.

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Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa: Culinary Arts / Food Prep / Service Area of Study

Patisserie Superieure - Certificate

The Superior Pastry program combines all the knowledge, techniques and artistic skills of the Basic and Intermediate levels, and encourages you to personalize your work. Superior Pastry consists of four complementary course elements:

* Restaurant Desserts
* Chocolate
* Decorative Sugarwork
* Pastillage

Demonstrations, practical sessions and workshops help you gain a thorough understanding of the principles involved in each of these components. As in Superior Cuisine, an internship component at Signatures by LE CORDON BLEU PARIS Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute restaurant rounds out a student's education.

* Dessert menus: souffles, contemporary cakes, tartes, buches
* Cold and hot restaurant desserts
* Decoration and presentation, flavour, aroma and spices
* Chocolate mousse cakes
* Tempering different chocolates
* Hand-dipped and molded chocolates
* Chocolate bonbonni?re
* Sculpture and display
* Sugar techniques: cooking, colouring and pulling
* Pulled sugar: flowers, ribbons
* Blown sugar: spheres, fruits, animals
* Pastillage
* Practical training in our gastronomic restaurant

Course Breakdown
Course fees: $8,025.00 CAD
Non-refundable application fee: $500.00 CAD
Course fees includes, tuition, all learning materials and student activities fees.
Course Duration:
The Standard session is 11 weeks. It includes 10 weeks of classes plus 1 week of exams and graduation.

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