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Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa: Culinary Arts / Food Prep / Service Area of Study

Le Grande Diplome Professionnel - Diploma

Le Grande Diplome Professionnel is an integrated 10-month Cuisine and Pastry program designed for those serious in pursuing a career as a professional chef. Through four progressive levels of learning and hands-on training, the program will teach you how to master culinary techniques while imparting extensive knowledge of culinary theory and providing specialized training required of today's top chefs.

Level 1
This 11-week level introduces the basis of professional cuisine and p?tisserie. The practical cuisine class includes vegetable and grain preparation, cooking and use in garniture; stock sauces and potages; and classic cooking techniques. The pastry classes cover the selection and use of basic ingredients, sauces, cream, pie dough, biscuits, meringue, viennoiserie and cakes preparation. Level 1 also includes 40 hours of food preparation theory and training as well the HACCP and First Aid CPR certifications.

Level 2
Students will learn the roles and responsibilities of a chef in a kitchen brigade, including butchery, charcuterie and garde-manger, and focus on typical French dishes from different regions of the country. The pastry segment explores the use of chocolate, buffet desserts as well as restaurant pastries. Theory classes explore food history and geography, nutrition, hot and cold desserts, menu creations and food cost control. This level also includes Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Service certification (Smart Serve).

Level 3
In this module the student will experience working in a live restaurant and kitchen. The student will either gain experience at Le Cordon Bleu Bistro @ Signatures or at another establishment chosen by Le Cordon Bleu. The student will spend part of their time at the front of the restaurant (1 week) where they will wait on customers: taking orders, serving food and wine and handling billing. They will also experience working in the kitchen performing the functions of each part of the kitchen brigade spending their time on cuisine (6 weeks) and on pastry (4 weeks). At the end of the practicum the student will compose an essay about their experience and the employer will rate the student.

Level 4
Entering this 5-week level, students advance their knowledge and technical skills toward the mastery of fine culinary preparation and presentation. Practical cuisine classes focus on presentation skills, the use of seasonal produce, flavor and plate composition . The pastry segment covers modern dessert creation, preparation of sugar showpieces, desserts throughout history, communications and culinary trends.

Course Breakdown
Course fees: $47,900.00 CAD
Non-refundable application fee: $500.00 CAD
Course fees includes, tuition, uniform and equipment, all learning materials and student activities fees.

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