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Our Student Portfolios - where all art schools showcase their student portfolios to those researching art schools, programs, diplomas, and degrees - view art student work, ask art students questions, request art school program info and so much more
  • Ask portfolio owners questions
  • Add portfolios to your favourites
  • Be the first invited to employer events
  • Manage job postings to individuals and groups
  • Request career services department feedback on the student
  • View student resumes

ABOUT US was developed in conjunction with art & design school presidents, directors of admissions, directors of career services, and directors of marketing to help utilize the great work coming out of their programs and leverage it to create better leads, better lead conversion, better start-rates, and better student placement rates upon graduation.

Developed by studentROI (, the proprietary self-managed online student portfolio tool that drives the content is School Portfolio ConnectTM ( The part schools like the most is the product allows them to be as hands-on or hands-off as they like. They can also choose to have their portfolios served in real-time into their own school .edu sites, or accept online portfolios as part of the application process via PortfolioPass ( is not only a site that allows students to upload and self-manage their work via online portfolios. The site itself is really 2 sites in 1.

‘There isn't an admissions inquiry of this quality on the online educational lead generation market.’

The admissions site attracts prospective students to peruse portfolios of student and grad work and better understand the programs that interest them. They register to be able to ask the portfolio owners questions, request program info from the schools and set appointments with the admissions departments. If a school is contacted, the registrants information is passed in real-time to the schools e-lead or inquiry platform.

What's even better, the site is structured in such a way that each participating school has their own school and campus sites that only serve their portfolios and their content. They can use the sites during the interview process, or as marketing sites to drive their own online campaigns through.

‘Not only has our school's student placement rate increased, the ease of which our career servcies department does business has really made a difference.’

The career services or employer site attracts companies looking to hire local grads for their organizations. They register to be able to ask the portfolio owners questions related to their interests, work availability, etc. They can post and manage their job postings to individuals, full programs, or the entire student body - as well as be the first to RSVP for upcoming employer events, contact the career services advisor responsible for a student to get feedback, and so much more.

School administrative access allows the schools to manage the publishing of the student work, as well as the student/employer relationship. Again, they can be hands-on, or allow the product, students and employers do all the work.

As with the admissions site, the career services site allows for the schools to have school and campus level sites that only serve their portfolios and their content - the school and visitors can even toggle from admissions to career services sites. Career services personnel can use the sites when talking to employers instead of CD, thumbdrives, and hardcopies.

We invite you to contact us today above, or visit any of the other options to learn more about the products, view live sites, and pricing today.

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