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Welcome to our Brighton College - Vancouver Campus Health Care Assistant Diploma program overview page. Please take a moment to learn more about our Vancouver campus Health Care Assistant Diploma program. Learn about: admissions requirements; curriculum; faculty; full-time, part-time, online learning options that might be available; finance options including scholarships for those who qualify; as well as jobs in your field of study, and their entry level salaries.

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Brighton College - Vancouver Campus: Health Care Area of Study

Health Care Assistant Diploma - Diploma


The purpose of the Health Care Assistant program is to develop advocates and role models for the paraprofessional areas of Human Services and Healthcare in the community. (i.e., to set new standards in the knowledge base / training provided to those who support people in residential care.)

This 26 weeks diploma program is designed for those who wish to qualify as Health Care Assistant or Resident Care Attendant in a variety of health and human service agencies. The program also includes 7 weeks? clinical placement. The curriculum includes experiential lectures and workshops facilitated by specialized industry experts and work experience practicum at various government, non-profit, institutional and community-based care agencies throughout the lower mainland. The successful completion of 8 courses (including 7-week clinical placement) is required for program graduation.

This program is 26 weeks duration:
19 weeks instruction and 7 weeks clinical placement.


Entry-level Jobs
Resident Care Attendant
Healthcare Assistant
Community Care Worker
Career Paths
Residential Facilities
Group Homes
Home Support Agencies
Bridge to LPN/RN


The Health Care Assistant Program consists of 8 courses, which will be delivered at 22 hours per week. 7 of the 8 courses are combination of experiential classroom based lectures, workshops and e learning. The last course consists of 7 weeks of clinical placement, whereby each student will be at various government, non-profit, and community care facilities within the lower mainland.

HCA 100, 44 Hours, 2 Weeks | Interpersonal Communications
Students will learn how to communicate effectively with clients and their families using verbal and non-verbal methods. They will be able to identify communication barriers associated with hearing and vision loss and know how to apply techniques for effective conflict resolution.

HCA 200, 22 Hours, 1 Week | Introduction to Practice
This course provides an introduction to the role of the HCA within the British Columbia Health Care system. Students will be introduced to the healthcare team and the roles and functions of HCAs within the team. Students will also have opportunities to develop self-reflective skills required for competent practice and will be introduced to effective job-finding approaches.

HCA 300, 44 Hours, 2 Weeks | Nursing Concepts
This course focuses on the roles of the care attendant in the community as well as in the nursing facilities. Students will be able to understand the Canadian health care system and its operations. They will be able to apply critical thinking during emergency situations. The course familiarizes students with ongoing research and its impact on nursing and its practice.Students will complete problem solving assignments that will be critical to their practice. Topics include, pain management in elderly patients, stages of grief and loss and stresses in life and its impact to on health.

HCA 400, 44 Hours, 2 Weeks | Lifestyle and Choices
This course introduces students to a holistic concept of health and the components of a health enhancing lifestyle. Students will be invited to reflect on their own experience of health, recognizing issues that can impact lifestyle choices. Students will be introduced to a model that can be applied in other courses to understand the multi-faceted aspects of health and healing.

HCA 500, 110 Hours, 5 Weeks | Basic Anatomy, Physiology & Gerontology
This course focuses on basic anatomy and its physiological components in the most common illnesses affecting the elderly specific to each human system. Students will explore common challenges to health and healing in relation to each body system. Students will learn terminology associated with cells, tissues, organs and the effects of normal aging. After this course, students will be able to better understand the process of aging and common difficult behaviors of the elderly.

HCA 600, 44 Hours, 2 Weeks | Facilitating Special needs: Alzheimer?s and Dementia
This course provides students with an in-depth understanding of Mental Health Disorders and the effects on the patient, family and other caregivers. Students will be able to identify the signs and symptoms of the more common mental health disorders and provide appropriate care with respect and dignity to the individual.

HCA 700, 110 Hours, 5 Weeks | Clinical Skills Lab
In this course students will be taught nursing skills based on the nurse aide?s scope of practice. Topics includes bedside care (including perianal care for both male/female), bed making, catheter care, wound care, mobility and transfers, application of ted stockings, gloving, de gloving and gowning, Oral care, urine bag to leg bag, urostomy and colostomy care, feeding, bed positioning, use of various lifts, use of cane, wheelchair, bedpans, commodes and raised toilet seats.

HCA 800, 280 Hours, 7 Weeks | Clinical Placement
An on-site practicum/perceptorship provides the students with the opportunity to apply the theoretical skills learned in the classroom. The practicum offers students the chance to perform appropriate care with their assigned residents. Students will receive an opportunity to observe professionals in practical situations. Students will acquire situational-specific skills and identify areas that may need to be developed further. Students will receive feedback and evaluation of their performance and gain valuable contacts in this diverse field.

NOTE: Students are expected to attend during the Practicum hosts hours of operation. This may be morning, afternoon evenings, overnights and weekends. While on practicum reliable transportation is required.

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